Mission and Values

The mission of Hulen Operating Company is creating value for our investors through organic growth made possible by a focused drilling and acquisition program and the efforts of an experienced management team dedicated to the exploration of new oil and gas reserves, development of existing proven reserves, minimizing risk through intelligent risk sharing and use of best practices.

Hulen’s mission is based on our commitment to improve investment values through our natural gas reserves while at the same time safeguarding the environment.  We strive to be an industry leader respected throughout the world for the quality and competency of its people, the efficiency and scope of its operations and its rich heritage of honesty and integrity.  Our logo proclaims “Natural Gas for a cleaner tomorrow.

Natural gas is an extremely important source of energy for reducing pollution and maintaining a clean and healthy environment; it is actually the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. Hulen is proud to be known for its fair treatment and environmental consciousness among partners and land owners.  Hulen works closely with land owners to ensure the safety and security of the well-site during drilling and completion operations.  After completion, we work to restore the location and strive to always leave the site in better condition than before operations began.

Hulen’s primary goals and values are to:

  • Create value for Hulen and its partners through a focused drilling program.
  • Research and acquire low risk, significant acreage positions.
  • Control drilling and operating costs better than the competition.
  • Implement innovative and thoughtful gas gathering and marketing programs.
  • Safeguard the environment.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Encourage the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that our employees bring forth.
  • Value our employees, their ideas and their individuality.
  • Always improve, making every effort to deliver professional excellence and a strong work ethic.
  • Be results driven, always striving to ensure our results support continued investment.