About US

A privately-held corporation headquartered in Oklahoma City and named for chairman Emeritus Hulen H. (Tobe) Pruitt, Hulen Operating Company was founded in 1994.  
Beginning his career when drilling rigs were still constructed of wood, Tobe Pruitt developed a reputation for hard work, competence, and integrity.  It is our goal at Hulen to live up to the legacy he left behind and the mandate to build on that reputation.  Although still relatively small, Hulen brings to bear 100 years of combined oilfield experience.   Working along side our seasoned veterans we are building a young, innovative team to help propel us to our future goals.

An exciting time to be a part of the oil and gas industry, Hulen Operating Company believes now is the time to be aggressive in its acquisition and development programs. Together with its affiliate companies, Hulen is dedicated to building and expanding its portfolio of drillable prospects thereby creating increased values for our investors.  As a growing dynamic company, Hulen is a size where growth of our oil and gas liquid reserves matter.   Our goal is to always improve the balance sheet with increased reserves, revenues and lower costs.
Hulen’s principal focus is on exploratory and developmental drilling for oil and gas liquids within Oklahoma.  We believe there is a wealth of opportunity to build these energy  reserves with a focused effort on lower risk medium depth, multi pay prospects. We concentrate on areas of low weighted risk where we can acquire a meaningful acreage position and areas that best suit our growing expertise. Our work ethic and scale allows us to operate faster and less expensively than our competition.  Hulen’s motto is around the clock, around the world indicating our willingness to go whenever and where ever it takes to get the job done.